Ozone Disinfection Technology

Ozone was first introduced in water treatment in the late 1800s and widely used in Europe and Asia. Ozone is an unstable gas that is highly reactive and short-lived and acts as a powerful oxidant and disinfectant. Households are often concerned about the safety of fruits and vegetables and cleaning antibiotics from the surface. This includes preventing contamination from both pathogens and chemical contaminants.

When Ozone is injected as tiny bubbles in water, it precipitates materials such as iron, sulfur, and manganese, while destroying bacteria, viruses, and other harmful particles at the same time. Since ozone quickly inactivates or kills all bacteria, chemicals, and viruses, it doesn’t leave behind any harmful by-product. Under normal conditions ozone only survives for milliseconds.

Ozone treatment for vegetables, fruits, and surfaces are the best gift for your home. Reduce the extent of disinfectants and chances of diseases by getting one of the best ozone water treatment for fruits and vegetables.

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Why are we here?

Disinfection of drinking water is critical to the protection of public health. Some form of disinfection process to remove or inactivate microbiological contamination including bacteria, fungi, algae, and viruses that can cause infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, mucormycosis (a flesh-eating fungal infection) is the need of the hour.

This is why Panjab University’s students have done extensive research and taken this initiative to provide economical systems based on ozone water treatment.

Our vision is to ensure the safety of our loved ones by providing them bacteria-free, oxygen-rich, and freshwater.

For example, our fruit & vegetable sanitizer which was developed to ensure food safety during corona-virus removes harmful chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, viruses, and bacteria from vegetables, fruits, pulses, meat, and seafood.

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Our Products

Food Surface Sanitizer and Water Sterilizers

An artistic technique to provide bacteria-free, safe & oxygen-rich water based on R&D at Panjab University, Chandigarh. H2O Sterilizer provides nascent oxygen [O] into water that attacks the cell wall of various microorganisms like- bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, etc. present…

Commercial Water Purifiers

The Professional Grade Fruits and Vegetable Washer cum surface sanitizer is one of the most advanced fruits and vegetable washer in the market. It will provide you with the satisfaction of eating great tasting, safe, healthy fruits, and vegetables. The…

Industrial Water Plants

A 6 stage water Purification System that removes Dirt, Sand, Organics & Microbiological contamination with use of Micron Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, UV & UF Technology.

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