Ways to remove bacteria from tap water

What are the ways of removing Bacteria from your tap water?

Well, normal tap water has definitely not earned the title of ‘safe water to drink’ for itself. However, that is true in most of the cases but technology, in today’s time is just getting fine and the development in the same can be observed effortlessly. Therefore, with the help of these new technologies, you can get safe tap water at your home.  So, in this article, we will explain to you some relevant ways to remove bacteria from your tap water. Read on to know.

Does any water filter remove bacteria? 

Considering the question, not many water filters are there that can remove bacteria from water but, a reverse osmosis water filtration system is efficient and can be considered beneficial in removing bacteria from tap water. These systems possess a great level of persuasiveness. They have a tendency to remove Protozoa. Adding to this, they can even remove viruses from water. If you want your water free of contamination, a reverse osmosis water filter is the solution. Adding to this, there are two types of filters that remove bacteria:

  • Under sink water filters – This filter removes bacteria from water coming from any specific tap.
  • Whole house water filters – This filter is being instilled in the main water line so that the water entering the house gets automatically filtered and safe to consume.

How to remove bacteria from water? 

There are a huge amount of bacteria that can be found in tap water. Bacteria such as shigella, salmonella, etc. can be found in water. They can be removed through UV disinfection and ozone.

Adding to this, you can boil the water to kill the bacteria. This is one of the most easily used and best techniques to remove bacteria from tap water. Bring your water to the rolling boil and boil it for at least 3 minutes. This helps to kill the bacteria from water. However, the usage of chlorine and ozone water treatments are two of the finest ways to remove bacteria from water. Read the entire article to know about the same.

Use UV purifier to remove bacteria 

Well, it is said that UV purifiers kill bacteria and harmful microorganisms from water. Here, UV stands for ultraviolet. Along with this, the taste of the water remains the same and is unaffected. It is therefore suggested to get UV purifiers at home. This way, you will get clean water to drink, that too, effortlessly. UV Purifiers can help in making drinking water free from bacteria.

How does chlorine kill bacteria in the water? 

Chlorination is the chemical disinfection of water which helps in killing bacteria. The process is easy to execute as well. Chlorine basically inactivates the bacteria by breaking the chemical bonds in the molecules. In simpler words, it just inactivates a microorganism or bacteria by damaging its cell membrane. It is then when chlorine enters the cell and disrupts the DNA activity and cell respiration.

This is how bacteria is filtered out of water. Chlorination is considered to be one of the best and efficient ways to remove unwanted creatures from water in order to make it safe. This is why you will find chlorine in swimming pools as well.

What is ozonated water and how does the ozone water treatment work?

The water is treated with ozone in order to remove bacteria. Furthermore, the ozone water treatment is an effective way to remove pathogens and bacteria from water. It was in the 1800s when ozone was first infused in water in order to cleanse it up.

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent that helps in making the water safe. The moment ozone meets the water, turbulence occurs and bubbles are created. This suggests that the ozone is coming as much in contact with the untreated water full of bacteria and microorganisms. It is a simpler thing to understand. The more is the rate of water flow, the more is the turbulence and of course, the more is the effectiveness in the whole action.

Here is scientific reasoning for how ozone actually kills bacteria in water. Ozone oxidizes the organic material in the membrane of the bacteria. This weakens the wall of the cell, further leading to cellular rupture. This, in turn, uncovers the external environment for the cell and ultimately leads to its quick death. So, this is how ozone helps in removing bacteria from water.

So, there should be no settlement when it comes to treating water. Consume safe water and stay healthy.