Waterborne Diseases that can be prevented by drinking clean water

How waterborne diseases can be prevented by drinking clean water

What Are Waterborne Diseases? How do they occur?

Around 3.1% of deaths in the world occur due to unhygienic and poor quality of water.

As per WHO, 80% of diseases worldwide are waterborne. Even today 70 percent of India’s water supply is seriously polluted.

Also, the United Nations ranked India’s water quality at 120th among 122 nations in the quality of water available for human consumption – 122nd being the worst.

World Health Organization: As per WHO 80% of diseases worldwide are waterborne.
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Waterborne diseases are illnesses brought about by microscopic organisms, as virus & bacteria that are ingested through contaminated water.

As water quality gets poor when polluted with industrial waste, human waste, animal waste, garbage, untreated sewage, chemical effluents, etc. So using such polluted water for drinking or cooking leads to waterborne diseases and infections such as amoebiasis, giardiasis, and toxoplasmosis as it carries viruses such as Hepatitis A or E. As a result, serious diseases like cholera and typhoid fever attack the human body.

Water-borne diseases influence the human body from various perspectives and can leave the individual with perilous sickness.

What are the most common waterborne diseases? 

The most common waterborne diseases include diarrhea, malaria fever, amebiasis, cholera, hepatitis, typhoid fever, viral gastroenteritis, dysentery, and meningitis. 

Waterborne diseases
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What are the factors that cause waterborne diseases?

Waterborne illness is caused by drinking water contaminated by disease-causing microbes and pathogens. These waterborne pathogens can be acquired by consuming contaminated food or drinks, from contact with animals or their environment, or through contact with infected persons.

Many waterborne pathogens can be acquired by consuming contaminated food or drinks
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Dangerous levels of chemicals, nitrates, or heavy metals or the over-use of agricultural chemicals cause pollution and affect the water supply.

Bacteria, viruses, and parasitic organisms invisibly contaminate the water and cause diseases.

How can we prevent waterborne diseases?

  • Drink boiled water.
  • Store water in a clean holder.
  • Continuously wash hands when cooking or eating
  • Wash hands with soaps or hand sanitizers in the wake of utilizing the washroom, changing your child’s diaper.
  • Expend warm and home-cooked foods while maintaining a strategic distance from street foods.
  • Wash vegetables completely before cooking.
  • Install a high-quality water purifier that kills all harmful microorganisms present in untreated water. This will ensure access to purified water every single day.
  • Ensure that the pipes and tanks that supply water to your home are appropriately maintained and clean.
  • Individuals experiencing water-borne diseases ought not to go to work until completely recovered to abstain from spreading.


Why is ozone used to purify water?

ozone used to purify water which makes it safe for drinking

Ozone is a gas used as a powerful oxidant and disinfectant. At the point when it is injected as minuscule air pockets in water, ozone accelerates materials, for example, iron, sulfur, and manganese, while decimating bacteria, viruses, and other destructive particles simultaneously.

At the point when the water is aerated and filtered, these destructive elements are expelled from your water and left behind, leaving safe, clean ozonated water for your home.

What is ozone water treatment and how does Ozone water treatment work?

Ozone is made artificially by going oxygen through ultraviolet light or a “chilly” electrical release which causes oxygen molecules (O2) to split separated in a process called photolysis.

At the point when one of the liberated atoms collides with another O2 particle, it joins up forming ozone (O3).

Ozone water treatment can prevent waterborne diseases

As ozone promptly surrenders one molecule of oxygen bringing about a ground-breaking oxidizing agent that is toxic to most waterborne organisms and rots to customary oxygen in under an hour in atmospheric conditions.

Ozone is utilized by numerous municipal drinking water systems to eliminate microorganisms rather than the more typical chlorine.

Thus, Ozone water treatment or Ozonization is an answer for killing harmful microorganisms in water since it leaves no residue in the water after treatment and has oxidation potential, less dangerous by-products, and the nonattendance of taste and odor issues related with chlorination.

Why should you drink ozonated water?

Drinking ozone water has many benefits. Ozonated water has a perfect, fresh taste. This kind of water has been appeared in various examinations to eliminate microscopic organisms and infections. It has demonstrated success in killing E. coli, yeast, salmonella, and listeria.

Drinking ozonated water boosts energy levels. It speeds additional oxygen into the body. Be that as it may, the viability of ozonated water isn’t restricted to drinking. Bathing in ozonated water is an extraordinary treatment for skin issues. It tends to be utilized to treat muscle touchiness, spinal and back wounds, and neck solidness.

We must use ozone water for cleaning. Because of its sanitizing properties, ozonated water is utilized during surgeries to keep open areas disinfected. It is additionally is utilized as a supplemental treatment of malignant growth.

The examination has demonstrated that the presentation of the third oxygen cell can help the body’s resistant system in containing the existing cancer cells, subsequently forestalling the spread of disease to uninfected regions of the body.

Various benefits of drinking clean water

One should drink clean water because it:

  • benefits digestion
  • replenishes skin tissues and health of your hair
  • drinking clean water keeps muscles and joints well lubricated
  • serves as transport for nutrients
  • moisturizes the air in the lungs and supports kidney functions

Waterborne diseases can be fatal and cause serious physical ailments if not treated properly or in time. Hence, it’s important we pay attention to our daily water intake and consume only ozone purified water.