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Ozone application in water / Ozonation in water treatment

As the harmful viruses continue to evolve and become more deadly, there are many unanswered questions as there has not been a proper clinical or scientific study that has been done on it yet. Hence ozonation in water treatment has become the utmost priority considering recent times. To stay safe and healthy the best thing to do is making use of ozone water for cleaning of all fruits and vegetables, surfaces like doors, knobs, and meat seafood, etc.

There are more than 17 scientific researches that indicate that the ozone water treatment process can destroy harmful micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, chemicals, germs, etc.

So before heading towards the key benefits of the Ozone applications in water, let us understand what ozone is and how ozonization of water takes place.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that is created from the oxygen atoms. The oxygen molecule is made up of 2 oxygen atoms. These oxygen molecules are further broken into atoms by the discharge in the lightning storms or by the UV light from the Sun.

Single oxygen atoms cannot exist alone. In the recombination stage, the atoms regroup into the loosely bonded tri-atomic oxygen. Therefore the new molecule is then termed as Ozone or O3.

Ozone is an unstable form of pure oxygen and acts as a strong oxidizing agent to kill the disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

The entire ozonation of water Process


The process of the formation of the oxygen into ozone takes place with the use of the energy. This process is carried out with the help of the electric discharge field as in the CD-type ozone water treatment machine. It also can be carried by the usage of the ultraviolet radiation as in UV type ozone generators.

Moreover, in addition to the above mentioned commercial methods, ozone is also formed by the electrolytic and the chemical reactions.

Generally, ozonation of water process basically involves the passing of the dry, clean air via high voltage electric discharge and thereby creating and forming an ozone concentration of approximately 1% or 10000 mg/L.

How does ozone treat water?

When the ozone decomposes into the water, the free radicals (Hydrogen Peroxy) and (Hydroxyl) are formed, which have the tremendous oxidizing capacity and hence play an active role in the disinfection process. The bacteria are thereby destroyed because of the protoplasmic oxidation.

The disinfection’s effectiveness depends on the susceptibility of the target organisms, the contact time, and the concentration of the ozone.

Ozone water benefits

  • Ozone is highly effective over a wide Ph range and rapidly reacts with the bacteria, viruses, and protozoan and has strong germicidal properties as compared to the chlorination. Also, it has strong oxidizing power with a short reaction process.
  • The entire ozone water treatment safety process does not involve the usage of the chemicals to the water

  • The ozone has the strong property of eliminating the wide variety of the inorganic, organic as well as the microbiological problems along with, taste and the odor problems. Vegetable ozone disinfection is the safest method to survive bacteria.
  • Thus the ozone applications in fruit and vegetable processing are considered the most adequate method. The microbiological agents basically include bacteria, viruses, and protozoan.


  • Major Benefits of Ozone Filtration for Water


  • It helps in the removal of the pollutants from the water. Ozone water treatment keeps you safe from foodborne illnesses.
  • Ozone helps in activating the body’s oxidants and thereby reduces the factors which cause diseases. It is an environmentally friendly way of filtration.
  • The ozone disinfection machine removes the impurities quickly and leaves no trace at all. It kills the bacteria as well as the viruses present on the surface of the fruits and vegetables and thereby the method of ozone water to clean vegetables is very beneficial.
  • It helps remove the chemicals, insecticides and pesticides. Additionally, it brings about odor control from meat and seafood products. It also eliminates mold growth and increases shelf-life; thereby keeping the food fresh.


Hence, ozone water treatment for fruits and vegetables and surfaces are the best gift for your home.

Reduce the extent of disinfectants and chances of diseases by getting one of the best treatments of ozone water for the cleaning of fruits and vegetables.

Ozone Disinfection Technology brings a one-time solution to remove harmful viruses and bacteria as it cleans fruits and vegetables in the most effective way. The ozone vegetable washer is also used for cleaning the doorknobs as well as the other surfaces.

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