How to keep your house clean during Diwali

How to keep your house clean during the festival of Diwali

2020 has been a rollercoaster for everyone. With the spread of coronavirus, everyone’s life has turned upside down. Cleaning has become an essential chore for every household.  As we know that Diwali is approaching and it is not only about meeting and greeting our loved ones, but also about cleaning our houses and everything that we own. Continue reading the blog to find out the house cleaning tips during Diwali.

It is said that cleanliness is a state of purity and precision.  It is a tradition in India to clean the house during Diwali because Indians believe that a clean house attracts positive energy and brings prosperity into their lives.

Significance of cleaning the house during Diwali: Why you should clean your house during Diwali?

Diwali is popularly known as the festival of lights. It is one of the favorite festivals of Indians. Diwali is celebrated with great pomp and show. Besides lights, firecrackers and Pujas, Cleaning the household is also mandatory. People often start cleaning their houses two to three days before Diwali.  It is said that “cleanliness leads to godliness”. Cleaning the house signifies the welcome of Goddess Lakshmi who is believed to be the goddess of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that worshipping Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali can enrich the lives of her devotees with wealth, peace, and prosperity. Only a clean and tidy house can attract Goddess Lakshmi.

During the festival of Diwali, many guests are expected. Since it is a festival of meeting and greeting the near ones, people find it a good opportunity to visit their friends and family members. A clean and tidy house can help make you a good impression on your guests.

House cleaning tips during Diwali

A clean house can help you build a positive aura during the Diwali Festival. Cleaning the house during the Diwali Festival can be a bit confusing and a bit frustrating, especially in 2020 when cleanliness has been an important part of everyone’s lives. Here are some tips to clean your house during the Diwali Festival.

  • Get rid of your clutter: The first and foremost step of Diwali cleaning is to get rid of the things that you don’t need. Recycle your papers and everything that can be recycled. Donate your books, clothes, and utensils to the needy. Dump your trash that has been in your storeroom for ages.
  • Clean your kitchen: Another important task can be to look for cobwebs and dust on the walls and shelf of the kitchen. Use appropriate cleaners for everything. For example, you can use glass cleaners to clean all your glass objects. Make sure that while cleaning you cover your face and hands. Also, cover all the food items when you are cleaning your kitchen. Use appropriate cleaners to clean the smoke soot from the kitchen roof. You can scrub the soot with the help of scrubbers. Clean and disinfect the kitchen appliances with the help of a cleaner and surface sanitizer.

fruits & vegetable cleaner cum surface sanitizer

  • Clean your rooms: Clean the walls of your rooms and remove all the cobwebs from the walls with the help of a broom. Make sure the doors and windows of the rooms are cleaned well with the help of soap-based cleaners. Disinfect everything in your room with the help of surface sanitizers to kill all the germs on the objects. Also, do not forget to clean the back of your bed with the help of a suitable cleaner. You can also clean the fans and other appliances with the help of warm water and surface cleaner. First, you should dust off the dirt with the help of a rug and then use the cleaner. This can help you avoid the scratches on your appliances and will keep them shinning.
  • Rearrange your wardrobe: If you are one of those messy people. Rearrange your clothes and belongings neatly in your wardrobe. Clean all your dirty clothes and fold them properly. You can put them in different piles on the grounds of categories like Nightwear, T-shirts, Shirts, Pants, Formals, Casuals, GYM Clothes, etc. Do not forget to clean your hangers and doors of your wardrobe. Clean and arrange your messy drawers and remove everything that you don’t need. This will give you a lot of space to arrange other items in the drawers.
  • Wash your curtains and bedsheets: Wash the curtains, sofa cover, and pillow cover, change your linen. Unlike curtains, bedsheets are regularly washed. During the Diwali festival do not forget to clean all your curtains and bedsheets with the help of suitable cleansers. You can also disinfect them by adding a mild vinegar-based- solution into the detergent dispenser. This will help kill all the germs from the curtains and bedsheets.
  • Clean the floors: Cleaning the floor is an everyday task. You should clean your floor every day with the help of suitable cleaners. Use alcohol or soap-based cleaners to keep your floor germs free.


These are some house cleaning tips for Diwali 2020. Keep your house clean and disinfected so that this Diwali you are not only impressing your visitors but also keeping everyone safe from the deadly virus. Also, according to the Hindu mythology goddess, Lakshmi visits only a clean and tidy house.  So, if you haven’t started cleaning your house and workplace, start NOW!