This festive season Gift safety and health to your loved ones | Healthywaves.co.in | Fruits & Vegetables Cum Surface Sanitizer

This festive season Gift safety and health to your loved ones!

India is known for its wide range and variety of festivals. We Indians love to celebrate festivals and also, we look for occasions to meet and greet our loved ones. For many years we have celebrated every festival by showering love and presents on our near and dear ones. This year things are different and with festival season around the corner, everyone is a bit tensed about the situation. Generally, we greet our friends and relatives with a box of sweets and welcome the festival season with great pomp and show. This year let’s come together and celebrate the festival season by showering our love with healthy presents for our loved ones.

The year 2020 is a reality check for every human being. People are conscious of their health now more than ever. Even the healthy ones are working very hard to build and sustain their immunity so that their body is ready to fight against any kind of virus. Amid COVID-19, most people are working from home, which results in a lack of sleep, comfort, movement in their daily routine. This year’s festival gifts can focus on safety, health, and lifestyle for your loved ones.

Now, because festival season is approaching, why don’t we surprise our loved ones by presenting them with healthy gifts to our loved ones. It is better to avoid giving traditional gifts to your loved ones to limit the spread of the virus. Traditional gifts include sweets, clothes, chocolates, etc. Instead, we can gift something meaningful and healthy this year and fight the virus together.


Gifts to give in 2020

It is said that there is nothing important than health. What if you can help your loved ones by gifting something that can keep them healthy and clean. Due to this worldwide calamity, everyone is wondering, what gifts can be presented this year. Well, worry no more we have the solution to your problem. We have a few healthy gifts suggestion which can make your 2020 festive season healthy and clean.


  • Fruits and vegetable cleaner

This festive season Gift safety and health to your loved ones | Healthywaves.co.in | Fruits & Vegetables Cum Surface Sanitizer

You might be wondering why a fruit and vegetable cleaner is a suitable gift to gift. For many years people are gifting each other baskets of exotic fruits, let’s make a change by gifting a fruit cleaner this year. Thanks to technology and new inventions there is something that can be used to clean our vegetables and fruits perfectly. People often forget that only washing fruits and vegetables does not eliminate the virus. Thousands of hands might have touched those vegetables and fruits and it is advised to wash them with a suitable cleaner. By gifting fruits and vegetable cleaner you can help in spreading awareness of the cleaner and your loved ones will consume healthily as well as clean food. This festive season you can make someone’s kitchen healthy and safe.


  • Surface sanitizer

Instead of gifting expensive showpieces, you can gift your loved ones a pack of surface sanitizers. Do you know that coronavirus can breed for twenty-four hours on the surface? This year has taught us that why is it necessary to keep our surroundings clean and healthy. No matter how much you keep your hands clean and tidy, if your surroundings are infected nothing can shield you from the virus. You can help your near and dear ones by gifting a surface sanitizer so that they can keep their surroundings clean by regularly using it. Surface sanitizers can help in eliminating the virus instantly, keeping your loved ones free from the virus.

  • Water purifiers

This festive season Gift safety and health to your loved ones | Healthywaves.co.in | Fruits & Vegetables Cum Surface Sanatizer

WHO reports that every year nearly 75% of people fall ill due to drinking contaminated water. People who drink contaminated water intake a lot of impurities that are not visible to human eyes. Today, the world is suffering from COVID-19 and the least we can do is drink purified water. Using a water purifier can help further reduce pollutants like lead from old water pipes, pesticide runoff in rural areas, and byproducts of chemicals like chlorine that are used to treat drinking water. Water purifier is a necessity of every household, yet some people cannot afford it. You can help someone by gifting a water purifier this festive season. You can make a difference even if you save at least one household from drinking contaminated water. Bring smiles to the faces and enjoy the satisfaction of saving someone’s life.


With these few suggestions, you can surprise your friends and relatives by gifting something special, yet useful this year. There’s nothing more precious than gifting your loved ones with these unique festival gifts. Celebrate the warmth of this festival with lots of healthy gifts and love with each and everyone, while maintaining the social distance, of course.