healthy environment | It’s importance & why is it necessary?

Why is it important to live in a healthy environment?

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”
—Leo Tolstoy

We all are aware of the fact that our environment is not how it was 100 years ago or how it supposed to be. Machines have not only affected human life but also our nature, surroundings, and environment. A healthy environment is beneficial for any living being to survive and we are well aware of that. But why are we supposed to maintain our distance from an unhealthy environment?

WHO (World health organization) announced that an estimated 12.6 million people died in 2012 as a result of living or working near unhealthy places.

Let’s clear one thing, the human body is adaptive in nature. Despite the surroundings, it will adjust itself to the surroundings. But why should we live in a healthy environment?

The answer is very simple. An unhealthy environment can have uncountable and drastic effects on our body, health, and mind.

WHO (World health organization) states that “Globally, 23% of all deaths could be prevented through healthier environments – and scaled-up action is required. WHO (World health organization) aims to enhance capacity in countries through regional technical networks of experts and partners, intercountry sharing of good practices, research, policies and action on environmental and occupational hazards to health, and strengthening environmental surveillance and information systems? Emphasis is placed on enabling strengthened collaboration between the health and environment sectors.  Desired outcomes include strengthened national capacity to undertake an environmental health risk assessment and appropriate multisectoral responses (e.g. laws, regulations, policies, plans, and programs) to increase resilience to climate change and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is necessary to be aware of the effects of an unhealthy environment on living beings


  • An unhealthy environment is the root cause of 90% of diseases that affects our entire human system. Diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, and various other respiratory infections spread due to poor and unhealthy environment. The effect of poor environmental conditions on living beings is amazingly differed and complex in both seriousness and clinical noteworthiness. For instance, the impacts of ecological corruption on human wellbeing can extend from death brought about by disease because of air contamination to mental issues coming about because of commotion. There are so many other diseases that are caused due to unhygienic conditions that can affect your children and other family members. Unhygienic conditions give birth to mosquitoes and flies which causes malaria and dengue.
•Unhealthy environment is the root cause of 90% diseases
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  • Children and Senior Citizens are prominent targets of Unhealthy Environment Conditions: Children and senior citizens are the most vulnerable categories of the human race. They easily get affected due to low immunity. It is noted by WHO that an unhealthy environment causes 1 in 4 deaths among children. It is very important to protect these two categories from getting exposed to poor environmental conditions. Their immunity power can be boosted by feeding them clean and sanitized food.
  • Mental health is also adversely affected by poor environment conditions because everyone is happy and satisfied when they experience a calm and clean environment. An unhealthy environment can cause depression and anxiety issues among individuals.

Not only human beings suffer in an unhealthy environment but also natural habitat rejects to adapt to unhealthy environmental conditions.

On the other hand, we must not ignore the benefits of a healthy environment


Your environment, both at home and at work, assumes a basically crucial function in your physical and emotional well-being, just as your general prosperity.

  • A clean and healthy environment condition is basic for leading business, creating riches and in particular for human presence. The segments of the spotless climate are perfect water, air, energy, and land.
  • Maintaining good environmental conditions for the supportability of people is basic at both the family and work levels.
  • A healthy environment is likewise solid and is consequently useful for youngsters and developed people just as youngsters. A perfect, spotless, and clean house is the way to have a calm and happy family.
  • By maintaining a clean and healthy environment you shield your folks and kids from illnesses, embrace the strategy of cleaning your homes on standard premise, and evade water blockages for germs and infections to develop.
  • There are two significant sides to having good and clean environment conditions. One includes eliminating dust and rottenness while others have to do with neatness, having each and everything in their legitimate and suitable places consistently. Many people realize the importance of a clean environment and contribute to clean their surroundings regularly.
  • Many experts and scientists have associated clean environment conditions to a sound and upbeat life. In this way, notwithstanding the undeniably declining natural perils, for whoever knows the advantages of a spotless climate, making one turns into an unquestionable requirement.
  • Less risk of getting infected: Germs and other harmful microorganisms thrive in filth. And infections go hand in hand with germs and their kin. But once your environment is clean: washed, disinfected, and sanitized, you’re sure of an infection-free living. This means choosing the product to use in aiding cleanliness, you have to be careful.
  • Boosts self-confidence: Once you start living in a healthy and clean environment you tend to feel confident and happy. It also boosts your sense of happiness which results in high productivity. Not only you feel energized and happy but also, you’ll start noticing that a clean environment makes you calm and satisfied.
benefits of healthy environment
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Experiencing a clean and hygienic environment at home additionally assists with setting aside your problems as it secures bugs and germs from entering your homes. It will positively bring about more beneficial individuals at your homes. Stay safe, stay calm, and keep your surroundings clean.