About Us

Healthy Waves came into existence after practicing years of extensive research and development at Panjab University to create a scientific technique that provides bacteria-free, safe, and fresh food and water to everyone around us. We have been working day and night to develop and design economic ozone water treatment systems that can disinfect micro-organisms like- bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae as contamination of water and food major public health and nutrition concern. We understand being healthy isn’t a trend, its a lifestyle. To create a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet, we wanted to educate people about the importance of water purification, cleaning, and disinfection. In addition to high-quality products for surface sanitization and fruits & vegetables disinfection, we also offer industrial machines for water purification.

Our Products

Both the founders, hail from a small city in Punjab. They came to Chandigarh to pursue master’s degree at Department of Physics, Panjab University Chandigarh. Being keen observers, avid learners, and extensive researchers, they started to focus on innovating something that can bring a change in the society and solve an existing problem. They saw water contamination as a persistent problem in our society as major water-borne diseases like typhoid, cholera and diarrhea were still quite common especially among children. They started working on developing products that are economical and based on a fool-proof technology. With the support and push of their professors and a year of extensive R&D at Panjab University, Healthy Waves was born. The mission of the company is to provide safe, clean, bacteria-free water and build a healthier tomorrow. The company’s product range now includes a range of innovative products for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes.

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Our Vision

Easy access to safe water is an absolute necessity for everyone and we have taken a step on this concern by ensuring access to safe water. Our vision is to provide bacteria-free, oxygen-rich, and freshwater to one and all. Our focus is to create products built on the pillars of safety, durability, and trust and backed by extensive research and innovation.